What is a typical day?
  • Your pets day starts from 7.30am with breakfast and a cheery good morning from our live in supervisors. For the dogs they get to go out in their play pens with their mates, whilst for the cats, depending on the weather….they start their first wash of the day, or retire back to bed.
  • Cleaning, watering, fresh bedding happens while dogs are at play then around 10.30am everyone comes back for a stretch and a lie down before walking begins.
What to bring?
  • Details of your trip if you have not completed online form

  • Contacts in case of an emergency- we always need to be able to speak to someone who knows the animal.

  • Vaccination certificate.  Old toy or comforter (we cannot guarantee return of items) 

  • Any medication.

  • Any prescribed or specialised diet 

Why does my dog need a trial day?
  • We strongly  encourage all dogs to have an introductory visit…It’s free ! So why wouldn’t you want to meet the folk that will be caring for your beloved pet ?

  • We love to meet them in person and evaluate their characters & quirks

  • It’s an opportunity for us to gain as much info as poss as to what makes them happy . For them it’s a short time period to get some cuddles , meet some other dogs (if they are social) then reunite with their family – so they know they haven’t been abandoned ! it gives you confidence as an owner to leave them with us with us

Will they stay nice and warm?
  • All the buildings are heated
  • Each animal enjoys individual heating and thermostatically controlled central underfloor heating