Protecting your dental implants from damage

Although dental implants are designed to provide a lifetime’s wear, just like regular teeth, they can be damaged. Cracks, chips or even breakages can occur in the crown, or cap, of the tooth. The titanium post that the dentist uses to secure them in place is rarely damaged.
To prevent dental implant damage:
– Don’t use your teeth as tools to crack nuts, open bottles, etc.
– Wear a mouth guard to prevent bruxism (teeth grinding)
– Get regular dental check ups
“Although the crown on dental implants does have the potential to chip, taking care of your smile ensures your dental implant will be in good standing for life!”
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Can Dental Implants Chip or Break?




Drink wine and help protect your teeth

Recent studies show that red wine is not harmful to your teeth. Although it causes staining, researchers have identified more benefits of drinking red wine.


– Wine comprises polyphenol nutrients with antioxidative and antibacterial benefits to our bodies.
– The series of micronutrients also help to prevent heart disease, keep the brain young and improve hormonal balance.
– The two main polyphenols caffeic acid and p-coumaric acid repel harmful oral bacteria and protect our teeth from cavities and gum disease.
Deal with teeth discolouration by visiting the dentist for thorough, professional cleaning.

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Gum disease bacteria linked to esophageal cancer

A recent study shows that some bacteria associated with gum disease can also trigger esophageal cancer. Unfortunately, esophageal cancer is often undiscovered till it’s in an advanced stage.

Key takeaways:

– Gum disease caused by oral microbiota has been linked to neck, head and esophageal cancers.

– While the Tannarella forsythia bacteria is associated with EAC, bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis increases the risk of ESCC.

– Learning more about oral microbiota may lead to the discovery of prevention of esophageal cancer.

Remember to brush and floss your teeth and visit the dentist for checkups.

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